Our Services

General Pediatric Medicine:
Providing comprehensive compassionate care for newborns to young adults in a non-hurried environment where we take the time to listen. Services include growth, developmental, and nutritional screening and providing age appropriate immunizations and general counseling. In addition to our regularly scheduled office hours, we see patients evenings and weekends, should the need arise, thus quite often avoiding ER and urgent care visits elsewhere.  To accommodate the schedules and needs of our parents, we do well visits on weekends and evenings as well.  See Parent Resources for more information.
Breast feeding
Lactation Services:
One of the most personal decisions to make for your new baby is the selection of a feeding program. Park Street Pediatrics highly recommends and strongly supports families wishing to  breastfeed their infants and will work together with trained lactation specialists in the hospital, office, and home settings. Breast milk is uniquely designed to meet all of the nutritional needs of your infant providing antibodies which will help protect your baby against illness, being easy to digest, providing a special bonding for baby and mother. Breastfeeding is easy, inexpensive and convenient. Lactation services are available in our office and with our outside partner (click the links below).



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CPR & Child Safety Classes:
You never know when the situation may arise; it is always good to be prepared.  We encourage our parents to learn these potentially life-saving techniques.  We offer classes every other month.  Please contact us for more information.
Infant Massage & Yoga Classes:
These classes are provided on weekends by an experienced well-trained pediatric physical therapist, who will instruct you in these great relaxation techniques.  Did you know that a 10-minute massage could decrease cortisol (stress hormone) levels, reduce muscle inflammation, improve lung function and boosts you body’s ability to fight off infections.
Nutrition Consultation Services:
This service is offered by a registered dietitian/pediatric nutritionist privately in our office.  Along with this we have free monthly meetings.  In today’s fast paced world and acknowledging the rise in childhood obesity in this country, we feel that this is a valued service to our patients providing individualized care plans as well as general nutrition principles that you can utilize the next time you are going down the aisles in a supermarket selecting your groceries, preparing a family meal at home or when dining out, helping you make the right healthy choices.  Contact our office if you are interested in a consultation for your child.  For more information visit Parent Resources.
ImPACT / Concussion Testing:
Concussions are one the most common forms of traumatic brain injury, which according to the CDC account for more than 140,000 emergency room visits annually in the USA.  Realizing the magnitude of this problem and the severity of potential complications, many states have passed sports related concussion laws, which will mandate that school athletics take specific steps in the management of athletes that have sustained concussions.  Our office offers baseline ImPACT testing for our patients prior to their participation in athletic programs, which we feel can assist in providing appropriate care should an injury occur at a later date.  ImPACT testing can be conveniently scheduled by calling for an appointment. For more information, please visit our Sports Medicine Section.
Pediatric Specialty Referral:
Having the luxury of over 25 years experience in the community we have selected only the best pediatric specialists should your child require specialized care.  Whether you need a cardiologist, surgeon, endocrinologist, dermatologist or other specialists – our doctors will be your child’s medical advisor and help advocate helping you make the right medical decision.   Over the years we have formed excellent working relationships with these specialists.  This list includes local specialists as well as those found in world-class institutions such as Yale, Columbia, Montefiore Medical Center, Westchester Medical Center, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center among others.  We have had experience with referrals to programs provided by the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD.