School & Sports Forms


Connecticut law requires that licensed daycare providers and schools maintain current medical information on all children attending their facility. These are typically known as state blue forms. Other organizations such as camps sports clubs and school teams may require certain paperwork to be completed prior to your child’s participation. Please be aware that we require two business days to complete all forms of this type.

Also check the form carefully to determine the requirement for the child’s last physical exam. Many of the schools sports teams require that the child’s physical exam be done within a specific period, which may be within the past twelve months. If your child does not meet the specific form requirements, you will need to make an appointment to complete all necessary screenings or vaccinations prior to our completing the form.

Should you wish any forms or paperwork, such as school, sports or medication forms, to be competed and mailed back to you, please provide our office with a stamped self addressed envelope.

Sports Participation Forms

  •   The Connecticut State Health Assessment Record is now inclusive for sports participation.  If your child’s school requires a different form, please make sure you have the most current form to provide to our office for completion.