Newborn Screenings

Along with daily complete physical examinations, your baby will have completed a newborn screening program, which includes 2 parts.

  1. Hearing examination (otoacoustic emissions testing).  Hearing loss is one of Newborn Hearing Testthe most common congenital anomalies, affecting 2 to 4 infants per 1000 births.  Early recognition and interventions will often prevent delays in speech and language development and there associated educational and psychosocial effects.  This non-invasive simple test, which is performed in the nursery, can help screen for such a loss.  Occasionally further testing may be needed (AABR or automated auditory brain stem responses)
  2. State of Connecticut Metabolic Screening, which requires a few drops of blood PKU-Heel-Stickplaced on a special filter paper, which is analyzed by our state lab.  This screening helps to identify a variety of disorders early in an infant’s life, thus reducing risk of death and disability from these disorders.   Treatments often may involve implementation of special diets, administration of hormones or medications.  Currently our state tests for 30 different disorders.

For more information:

Department of Public Health