Injury Prevention


“Ready. Set. Prevent.” is a lower extremity injury prevention program developed by doctors and physical therapists at the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  The program has been shown to reduce injuries such as ACL tears and re-tears and knee and ankle injuries, while also improving athletic performance in pediatric and adolescent athletes.  Designed as a warm-up routine, the program should be performed in the first 15 minutes of practice and overseen by a coach or trainer.


Warm-up for Sports Injury Prevention

Prevent-WarmUp1 Prevent-WarmUp3 Prevent-WarmUp2


Dynamic Stretching for Sports Injury Prevention

Prevent-Stretch1 Prevent-Stretch2

 Prevent-Stretch3 Prevent-Stretch4


Strengthening for Sports Injury Prevention – Phase One

Prevent-Strength1 Prevent-Strength2



Plyometrics for Sports Injury Prevention – Phase  Two

Prevent-Plyo1 Prevent-Plyo3 Prevent-Plyo2

Prevent-Plyo4 Prevent-Plyo5 Prevent-Plyo6