Sports Nutrition / Hydration

Nutrition and Hydration are so important for young athletes.  These – adapted from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, can answer many of your questions

Athletes Fuel Up For Fitness Series

Can nutrition help improve performance?
Basic Nutrition Fact Sheet

I drink when I get thirsty. Isn’t that enough?”
Fluid Management FACT Sheet

Food Nutrient Table
Nutrient-Dense Foods

Choose high calcium foods every day
Calcium for Athletes

Iron Content Of Selected Food
Iron for Athletes

Snack Strategies for Athletes
Having a Snack Attach? Maybe You Should…

Weight Gain for Athletes
Helpful Hints for Weight Gain

A 3,000 Calorie Diet for Athletes
Sample 3,000 Calorie Diet

A 4,000 Calorie Diet for Athletes
Sample 4,000 Calorie Diet

A 5,000 Calorie Diet for Athletes
Sample 5,000 Calorie Diet

Carbohydrates Sources for Athletes
Excellent Carbohydrate Sources